Guess what? EthnoBorrel is coming to Sydney! It's a great opportunity for Sydney-side ethnographers to meet up, share knowledge, and discuss how to promote professional ethnography in Australia. Our host will be Sophie Goodman at Deloitte in Sydney. Erin Taylor (co-founder of EthnoBorrel Netherlands) will facilitate the evening.

Sophie will give a brief presentation of her work, and the rest of the evening will be an Open Space discussion session on hot topics in ethnography. Drinks & snacks will be provided.

Deloitte Australia, George Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

People Make It Happen

People who share the passion and vision of EthnoBorrel help us all to make events a success.

This EthnoBorrel event is a reality thanks to the following people who are generously giving their time & professional assistance to you:

Erin Taylor

Erin Taylor

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