EthnoBorrel is excited to welcome Rita Denny, Executive Director of EPIC, to talk with us about building a community of practitioners both within Europe and in collaboration with our neighbours across the Atlantic.

This is a great opportunity for us to get to know Rita and talk specifically about how we can grow our community in collaboration with EPIC.

For this session, we invite ethnographers and trainers to give lightening presentations (5 minutes) on your practice. Whether you’re a professor, researcher, UXer, manager, or other, we want to hear about your work, struggles, and triumphs as an applied ethnographer.

We are also looking for an organisation to host this event.


Talk by Rita Denny - "Mediating Practices to Build Voice"

Lightning presentations by applied ethnographers (5 mins each)

  • AbV and the Visibility of Anthropology - Jolanda Zeeman (KIT / AbV)

  • Growing the UX Research Community - Karin den Bouwmeester (UX Insights / Userproof)

  • Adopting Design Thinking in Auditing - Diny van Est (Algemene Rekenkamer)

  • Anthropology in Business, Between Critique and Cooptation: The Unattainable Balance? - Vanessa Cantinho de Jesus (Digital Design School, HvA)

  • Teaching Applied Anthropology - Laurens Bakker (University of Amsterdam)

  • Interbuilding Applied Anthropology - Corina Enache (Transavia), Anna Aris (Transavia) and Rosalie Post (RIGO Research en Advies)

  • The opportunities and limitations of combining commercial ethnography with segmentation - Hilja Aunela (Gemic)

​Room 5A41, Pieter de la Court Building​, ​University of Leiden, Wassenaarseweg 52 ​, Leiden

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